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Manage data of an unlimited number of companies, clients, suppliers
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There are inventory management solutions, there are business accounting tools, and then there is InventoryPlus. This free app can manage data of an unlimited number of companies, clients, suppliers, users and transactions in an easy and secure way, providing you with comprehensive reports along with an invaluable tool to help manage your entire business.

InventoryPlus is easy to use thanks to a state-of-the-art ribbon-based interface that anyone can use. The app is light and portable, so you can carry your business data with you anywhere on a small USB device. It supports multiple users, each with their own username and password, and you can add as many items, clients and suppliers as your operations require. To make sure that your valuable data is never lost, you can back it up regularly at the intervals you define and with the level of security that’s best for you – the program can encrypt, compress them and perform incremental backups to save machine time and resources.

Using InventoryPlus is equally rewarding and simple – the program supports touchscreens and barcode-based inventory entries, manages purchases, sales, returns and vouchers, and its “low-level stock warnings” will keep you informed at all times if some products need restocking. All the items in the program’s databases are easily selected via drop-down lists, and each entry contains all the information you may need to locate it easily in your warehouse or store and to manage its MRP, discount, profit margin, VAT rate, etc. Large inventories can be easily and conveniently organized by group – you can create as many of them as required and assign different products to each category in a simple and intuitive way. All your data can be exported to any of the most widely used file formats, and that includes the program’s reports.

InventoryPlus is currently available in English and Kannada, though it is expected fore list of languages to expand in the future to include all Indian languages. Though clearly devised to be used for the Indian market, the program is actually fairly universal, so it can be adapted to businesses located anywhere. This is a totally free product, and one that most small to medium-sized business will surely be grateful to discover. It provides them with a compact, comprehensive, yet easy-to-use solution for both their inventory and their day-to-day business operations.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Intuitive and well-organized interface
  • All the tools you need to manage your business
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Full control on suppliers, customers, and all transactions
  • Touchscreen and thermal printing support


  • Devised mainly for the Indian market
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